Terms & Conditions

Any one availing of our services is assumed to have understood the following conditions
Service Agreement : Terms & Conditions
[1] All services will be rendered in good faith based on the information available to us may it be for Airline, Hotel, Transportation, VISA, Adventure Sport, etc.
[2] We constantly strive to improve service standards and achieve excellence  in operations.  We shall appreciate your feedback and suggestions to a better functioning.
[3] Day to day business in carried out on practical considerations with a common sense approch. We expect the same from you.
[4] All the payments made by you for services rendered by us in the end go to the principal service provided [Airline / Hotel / Transporter / Associate agents / etc.]. We retain only a minor part of your payment for the expertise & effort involved and expenses incurred.
[5] You are requested to check all the final quotations, rates, service charges, levies, etc. Bills once made are nonnegotiable and unalterable.
[6] Service Charges will be levied to cover our expenses and reward our efforts in case of alterations / changes in the itineraries.
[7] Destination acts only as an agent of the Airline / Hotel / Transporter / Associate Agent / or any other service provider concerned and bears no responsibility as the principal.
[8] Destination will not be responsible for any illness, loss, damage, theft, injury / death, suffered by you either during the tour or transit.
[9] Destination reserves right to cancel the services extended without notice and can be held resposible only for the advance deposited with us.
[10] All disputes are subject to Coimbatore Jurisdiction Only.
[11] Payment for Air Tickets will have to be made in advance or against tickets. A non refundable deposit of Rs.10000 per passenger will have to be made in case of Hotel Reservations / Tour Bookings. Balance full payment at the time of issuing  Confirmation Vouchers. Advance payment will have to be remitted for Passport, VISA, Railway Tickets, Transport Arrangments, Overseas Mediclaim Insurance, Foreign Exchange, etc.
[12] No refund would be made for any reason what so ever, unless we have a stamped original voucher signed by the service provider clearly stating about the refund to me made. Refund for partly utilised service will be made only if accomplished by a letter from the service provider. All refunds will be made after charging suitable communication and service charges. All cancellations / amendments will be applicable as per the rules of service providers.